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Global GameJam 2012

MpLabs presence in the GGJ 2012 took place @ Barcelona – Spain, I joined forces with WakeStudios members to design a: auto scroller samurai game (in less than 48hrs.).

It’s called Samuraider, it was made on Unity3d and features 2D art with some 3D art.

I was looking for a quick way to make 2D animation sprites so I worked with Flash for this project. The use of vector art as a master file makes it resolution independent which is a plus. Here’s a sprite sheet:

Run, jump, attack, land, hit.

An early run animation loop (6 frames):

The unfinished look of the animation, with lack of clean up, etc., was decided to be able to finish the game in a short time. We weren’t able to achieve the exact game we wanted, but maybe with more time this could turn into a nice game, at least the idea was born and raised a bit, the Samuraiders. Oh and we made a prologue for a background story:

Overall the gamejam it’s a great experience to know different kind of people sharing a same objective, to pass out in front of the computer to make a great game !. 

You can play the game here:

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